"Re-connect to your limitless healing!!"

Quantum Techniques is a unique form of energy medicine developed by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel.

Dr. Tom Miller doing Quantum Techniques

Dr. Tom Miller doing Quantum Techniques.

It is based on the idea that our Creator gave us a body that is self-healing; but certain energetic components in ourselves and in our environment block our body’s ability to heal. Some of these energetic components are toxins, electro-magnetic stress, trauma, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, emotional issues and biological toxins.

These stressors and toxins block the necessary flow of energy through the body and disrupt the body’s internal communication which prevents healing.

Body and mind functions are controlled and processed using various forms of bio-informational energy including the meridian pathways and chakras.

Energy flows through these systems and brings vital life energy to all systems and parts of our body.

With the use of Quantum Techniques (QT), we can help to re-establish healthy communication within the body. The body’s cells can then live in a healing state.

The client presents his/her symptoms which opens the energy field that we test in.

Quantum Techniques practitioners use muscle testing to identify energetic stressors and toxins in the energy field and use techniques to clear the field.

Then we develop a healing code to unblock the healing energy.

This code is a series of specific acupuncture and chakra points that help to bring the body’s energy system back into balance and neutralize the negative frequencies of the energy toxins. This code is unique for the client, relevant to their unique system and the present issues and time.

This then helps the body to be able to use its own natural healing systems.

Here is an introduction to Quantum Techniques.

Click Here to view explanations of the energy systems, quantum technique healing sessions and testimonials.

For more information about Quantum Techniques, visit www.quantumtechniques.com. If you would like to schedule a quantum techniques healing session, go to www.quantumtechniques.com and go to "Getting Started". In this area you will find new client information forms to be filled out online. There are also charts and manuals that can be downloaded. Prior to your healing session, please look through the instructions for imprinting qt points, treatment points, chakra points, the nine gamut sequence and time saver codes.

Phone numbers specific for Quantum Techniques:
Office: 763-208-9505, Cell: 612-386-3502 (Dr. Thomas Miller DC)