Our bodies detoxification processes are bombarded daily with a chemical cocktail of modern-day industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals. We can become so overloaded that our natural detoxification systems can’t keep up. These toxins build up over time and can affect virtually all of the systems of the body! It is imperative that we assist our body’s detoxification processes.

At Total Health and Healing Center we can provide diet and supplement recommendations to assist with your body’s natural process of detoxification. We will give your body the extra nutrients, natural substances, and energy it needs in order to set the balance straight and get the process of detoxification back in high gear.

In addition to dietary and supplement recommendations we will often utilize ionic cleanse detoxification footbaths. These are helpful for whole body detoxification using currents without pushing the process through already burdened kidneys and livers. This technique involves placing your feet in a container filled with warm salt water while an energizing array creates a flow of electons stimulating the detoxification process. Neutralized particles and wastes are pulled out of your body through your feet through hundreds of thousands of sweat glands and pores.