Animal Chiropractic is the art of diagnosing and treating vertebral and extremity subluxations found in your animal. How can you tell if you cat or dog needs to be adjusted? They may be presenting with one or more of the following signs:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Unusual posture while standing or sitting
  • Performance decreases
  • Sensitivity or pain with touch or picking up
  • Inability or reluctance to climb up and down stairs or furniture
  • Pain when taking collar or harness off

Give back to your 4-legged friends and bring them in for a checkup today! Please note that chiropractic care DOES NOT take the place of traditional veterinary medicine. Minnesota statute requires that a veterinary referral be acquired before the animal may be adjusted. We ask that you give us 3-4 business days before your animal’s appointment to contact your veterinarian and obtain this referral.